The Two Different Marketing Styles

Marketing in a global way

Listening and satisfying the needs of the consumer in the first place, marketing is all a matter of perception. It aims to attract customers and encourage them to stay/return. Therefore, an essential activity for a company to function. It deals with communication, accounting, business strategy, advertising, public relations, data management, empathy, information retrieval, innovation. In all these aspects, creativity is essential.

Today we are talking about two distinct marketing styles:

B2C Marketing

Marketing B to C (or B2C ) means Business to Consumer. It is the marketing of consumer goods and consumer goods, oriented towards the final consumer. Example: Imagine an advertisement (radio announcement, TV spot, bus stops, press inserts, sample distribution in the city) for a whole new range of products such as fruit juice, coffee or milk. The ads may show the benefits or advantages of that new line of products.
All this to say that B to C marketing is the fact that the company uses a communication that speaks directly to consumers.

B2B Marketing

Marketing B to B (or B2B ) means Business to Business. This is industrial marketing, geared towards other companies. Even business to business marketing requires advertisements. When a corporation creates a blog, website, Facebook page or post on directories, it is for other companies to discover that business. Companies themselves have a need to make themselves known, to find new customers, to have a good presentation. They know that today, the Internet is a major communication asset. That is why the use of the internet should be optimized and operated in the right way. They are therefore looking for quality service providers to entrust them with the realization of this solid basis of digital communication. A good example which shows that there is a need for an online platform for a B to B transaction is the success of Alibaba.
This marketing approach, therefore, targets companies, not consumers.

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