Smartphone users had an incredible growth, and it looks like it will continue to grow. In some instances, the number of smartphone users browsing the internet has surpassed the number of desktop users. This is a tremendous marketing opportunity. It now becomes more important to optimize the SEO of your website for mobile.

Much of these searches from mobile are for local businesses. Proof of this is that the number users of Google Places from mobile have “exploded" in number. In March 2011 mobile users were around 40% of the total, two months later they are already more than half, especially on weekends, according to Google.  The company also adds that it will focus on optimizing the mobile user"s experience for their local products.

Mobile SEO: Search Engine Optimization for mobile websites

All these advantages are not only for the local SEO but also the mobile SEO in general. It is increasingly important to take it into account as an integral process of search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization focused on mobile devices is not substantially different from the positioning methods in “traditional" search engine. It maintains the principles of relevance and popularity. Such principles still have a positive effect in marketing a website. However, robots are different. There are additional factors to consider on traceability, indexability, and usability. SEO companies in Florida will help you apply these attributes to your mobile website version.

There are many points to consider when optimizing a website for mobile. Do I need to make a website for mobile or a responsive design is enough? Does having a duplicate content a problem? How can I make my mobile website fully accessible to Google?

Do you need a mobile version of your website?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. Find out the percentage of users who enter your site through mobile is negligible. It is not worth it that you spend your time and resources on something you do not need.

To check this, you only have to check in analytics growth that has taken the mobile traffic to your site in the past year. If you see that the percentage is still very high but in recent months has grown a lot or if mobile traffic directly to your site is high, you need a mobile version of your website. If you need a mobile version, contact SEO service Jacksonville to help you rank your mobile website.

Choose between a responsive design or mobile version.

Google"s Responsive design is recommended before you create a complete mobile website. The user experience is greatly enhanced, and avoid possible problems with duplicate content or redirects. The better the user experience the better the marketing effect it will create on your website.

Although Google strongly recommends it, there are many occasions when a site does not fit with the responsive design.  The reason can be either the web design is exceptional or does not want to show the same content to mobile users than the rest. To find out how your current design fit different screen sizes use Screenfly.

Implement the label “canonical" and “media alternate."

To prevent your mobile website from ranking above the desktop version in search engine results page, you have to implement a meta tag correctly. Use the meta-tag “rel = canonical" and “rel = alternate media" in both the mobile and desktop version. In addition to implementing both labels, consolidate the authority of both pages and links.

You need to implement the meta-tag “rel = canonical" on every page of the mobile version targeted to their respective pages in the desktop version. This is an example:

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

Contrary to the above example, the meta-tag “rel = alternate media" have to deploy to the desktop version, has only one peculiarity, you must indicate what the maximum size at which to display the mobile version, such as like this:

<link rel="alternate" media="only screen and (max-width:640px)" href="" />

Make sure you implement this way and not the other way around. Each page should point to their respective page and not to the home or another page.

Minimize redirects

Often the redirections cannot be avoided, but it is essential that the redirection point to the final landing page. It is imperative that there are no redirections from the mobile website version to desktop version and vice versa.

Add a sitemap for mobile version

It is essential that you continue the same good practices with the desktop version. Upload the sitemap for mobile version through Google Webmaster Tools. It will help Google to index your website more quickly and more effectively.

By following these tips you should have no problem with Google, yet we continue to recommend the use of responsive design whenever possible.

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It"s difficult to keep track of going around about you and your business.

Not least on social platforms where your company"s image is significant.

Whether it"s a picture or tweet posts, so you do not let anything spoil your reputation by writing something clumsy or publish a picture that does not represent you adequately.

It"s easy to destroy someone"s image online.

Today, we spend much of their time online. Destroying someone"s image is effortless. Businesses or individuals can get a bad reputation online in a jiffy. It creates complications for people and businesses, and it requires attention to what is said about online. It is this reputation management, or “snake" (Online Reputation Management) comes into the picture.

Companies and reputation

It is crucial for companies to control their online image correctly. To create a good reputation online just means that it maintains adequate and regular reviews of their businesses on the Internet. To make this work, many companies with various promotional tools to improve the image of themselves.
Note that the reviews you get can be positive as well as negative, and how you choose to deal with the negative reviews can be crucial in establishing a good reputation in the market.

We recommend that all companies are actively working with the reputation management in Orlando, FL primarily to defend your brand.

Three benefits of reputation management and positive reviews

More traffic

Imagine a scenario where a client is pleased with your service and will recommend you on to their family and friends. They might even give a favorable opinion on any social media platform, and thus lead others to your particular website. That way, you not only gained new customers, but it can also lead to increased revenues and profits for your business.

Increased positive perceptions

Consumers like to be free to communicate with their supplier or manufacturer. It makes them feel that you care about what they think, and you can also solve their problems then you have got a gold star on edge. With the help of the “snake" or reputation management online, you can even win over those customers who were not satisfied with the service. It"s because the online communication with their clients increases your goodwill in the market.

Facilitates the work of SEO

Using reputation management in Orlando, FL online, you communicate with customers and therefore get a better view of their needs. It saves time when working with SEO, because you already have a good overview of your clients" needs, and know what keywords they use when they are looking for a service or product online.
Another advantage is that you can also remove unwanted content about your business on Google.

Marketing in a global way

Listening and satisfying the needs of the consumer in the first place, marketing is all a matter of perception. It aims to attract customers and encourage them to stay/return. Therefore, an essential activity for a company to function. It deals with communication, accounting, business strategy, advertising, public relations, data management, empathy, information retrieval, innovation. In all these aspects, creativity is essential.

Today we are talking about two distinct marketing styles:

B2C Marketing

Marketing B to C (or B2C ) means Business to Consumer. It is the marketing of consumer goods and consumer goods, oriented towards the final consumer. Example: Imagine an advertisement (radio announcement, TV spot, bus stops, press inserts, sample distribution in the city) for a whole new range of products such as fruit juice, coffee or milk. The ads may show the benefits or advantages of that new line of products.
All this to say that B to C marketing is the fact that the company uses a communication that speaks directly to consumers.

B2B Marketing

Marketing B to B (or B2B ) means Business to Business. This is industrial marketing, geared towards other companies. Even business to business marketing requires advertisements. When a corporation creates a blog, website, Facebook page or post on directories, it is for other companies to discover that business. Companies themselves have a need to make themselves known, to find new customers, to have a good presentation. They know that today, the Internet is a major communication asset. That is why the use of the internet should be optimized and operated in the right way. They are therefore looking for quality service providers to entrust them with the realization of this solid basis of digital communication. A good example which shows that there is a need for an online platform for a B to B transaction is the success of Alibaba.
This marketing approach, therefore, targets companies, not consumers.

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